Hotel Partners Register with KTown rooms to list your apartments or hotels with us and grow your business. If you own a property register with us and make us manage your property. We assure you an increase in revenue, frequent occupancy and corporate customers.

Our values Values are maintained in all hotels

Clean & Fresh Rooms

Fresh Rooms

Hygienic and fresh linens along with clean bathrooms in all Ktown hotels across the country.

Trained Friendly Staff

Trained staff will be serving you through front desk

Our well mannered staff is ready to serve you through from the front desk and from your doorstep.

Assured Essentials Rooms

Fresh Rooms

Enjoy Free WiFi, branded toiletries, 32 inches LED, AC rooms and free breakfast at all Ktown hotels.

Ktown Product

Expand Your Business Our mission is to expand and increase occupancy as well as income by developing quality rooms for billion individuals

We make it possible by using an application, a site, customer support service and corporate deals, to ensure your property does successful business consistently, every month, and every week. Before making a deal, our management team survey the whole property.

Our team will monitor your performance and will be discussing issues and feedback with you to improve it even more.