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Hotels In Sialkot Choose from variety of styles

Sialkot is a city in Punjab. It is Pakistan's twelfth largest population city, and is a portion of north Punjab — one of Pakistan's generally very industrialized area. Sialkot is a beautiful city in South Asia. The city is considered by The Economist for its entrepreneurial spirit, and profitable business environment. Sialkot also has an International Airport – Pakistan's first private airport. To provide convenience to the travelers, Ktown Rooms has constructed cheap hotels near airport as well as guest houses in Sailkot....

  • 1. Iqbal Manzil

    Iqbal Manzil is the origin of Muslim poet, and scholar Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal in the center of the historical city. Iqbal Manzil was bought in 1861 by Mohammad Rafique, Dr. Mohammad Iqbal (grandfather). The house was initially small, yet every successor continued adding to it and the structure grew in size. Numerous visitor/tourists/travelers come particularly to Sialkot to visit the artist's home, which has now been reestablished as a major aspect of heritage, where he lived and composed poetry made him the legend that he is.

  • 2. Clock Tower of Sialkot

    The Sialkot Clock tower is to be found in Saddar Bazaar. It acts liholding the insane and lively roads of the main city and the cantonment areas as well. Standing tall for more than century, In the organization of its four clock faces that still monitor the passing minutes. It has been renovated multiple times yet the original design isn't changed.

    Above mentioned places are the must visit attractions by the tourists, all the travelers coming from different part of cities do not miss out on these interesting places. Obviously when tourists come to visit the city, they require a place to safe place to stay. For this purpose, Ktown Rooms has established their cheap hotels in Sailkot as well as best guest houses in Sailkot. They eliminate the issue of security by providing standardized hospitality services.