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Hotels In Peshawar Choose from variety of styles

Peshawar is the oldest city of Asia – where the local market has changed over the time and a lot more has changed. The bazaar in Peshawar looks like an American Wild West film costumed as a Bible epic. Pathans tribe walk around the road, their hands covered up inside their shawls and their faces somewhat covered by the ends of their shawls (they are not allowed to walk armed on the roads now). Pathans considered to be the handsomest man on earth. Balahisar Fort still utilized by the military, and the beautiful Mahabat Khan Mosque. Clubs, churches, schools, malls, markets, airport and more must visit attractions are found in modern Peshawar....

  • 1. Khyber Bazaar

    You will discover several guest houses and cheap hotels in Peshawar, at night, numerous number of food stalls down the road selling kebabs and samosas. It is like a live cooking show, you can watch them while cooking and enjoy. The main road is full of specialists, counselors and dental specialists. Kabuli Gate, one of the16 gates of the walled city, is towards the end of Khyber Bazaar.

  • 2. Cunningham Clock Tower

    If you start from Chowk Yadgar, on the east, you will have vegetable market and on the west you will have hardware shops left before getting to the Cunningham Clock Tower. It was constructed in 1900, and this tower is named after chief of Peshawar of that period. Around the clock tower, Leather and skin market features the skin of the Karakul sheep, and a significant number of the shops have individuals who make astrakhan caps right there.

  • 3. Peshawar Pottery

    The Peshawar Pottery is on the left road, following the metal shops. The potters work from 10 am to 4pm on weekdays. The wide scope of decorative and ornamental pottery is coated in solid beautiful colors. Tourists enjoy watching it live as it seems so satisfying to the audience.

    Ktown Rooms offers guest houses and cheap hotels in Peshawar with standardized services as most guests has the problem of clean washrooms, hygienic beds, working air conditioners. Ktown Rooms eliminated these problems, It provides you with hygienic linens/beds and washrooms.