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Hotels In Multan Choose from variety of styles

Multan is Pakistan's third biggest city by land and it is fifth largest population. The city is situated on the banks of the Chenab River of the country. Multan is known as the City of Sufis due to the substantial number of Sufi holy people from the city. The city is covered with bazaars, mosques, holy places, cultural places and lavish tombs. It is the origin of Fariduddin Ganjshakar famously known as Baba Farid, perceived as the primary significant poet of the Punjabi language. The Sutlej River isolates it from Bahawalpur and the Chenab River from Muzaffar Garh. The city has developed to turn into a persuasive political and efficient community for the country, with a port and amazing transport links. The culture of Multan has some important components that structure its personality.

Ktown Rooms has put together all the must-visit attractions at one place to help you out from not missing any amazing place with accommodation in cheap hotel rooms and best guest house in Multan....

  • 1. Shrines & Monuments

    Just the wholehearted fan of Islamic architecture could completely enjoy all of the Multan's tombs, shrines and mosques in a short-lived. Some are hidden in the old township; north of Pak Gate (Circular Rd) is Wali Muhammad Mosque (1758) and Phulhattan Mosque (1720), toward the northwest is the wonderfully tiled Tomb of Yusuf Gardezi and at the south there is Tomb of Musa Pak Shahid. There are also few destroyed Hindu temples in the city. Usually travelers who are crazy for architecture must visit this place.

  • 2. Qasim Bagh Fort

    Multan's most famous milestone is Qasim Bagh Fort close to Hussain Agahi and Chowk Bazaars. In the fort is the Qasim Bagh Stadium that once in a while has cricket matches.

    Aside from the shrines, Qasim Bagh’s beautiful greenery after which it is named as Baagh, and the huge Qasim Bagh Stadium lies toward the south. In spite of the fact that you can in any case walk almost the entire way around the demolished walls, the most amazing part remains entrance from Kutchery Rd, a major hub of Multan.

  • 3. Eidgah Mosque

    The grand Eidgah Mosque, covering a land of some 73m by 16m, was developed in 1735 and was later utilized by the Sikhs as a military army. Thusly, the British utilized it as a court, but it was reestablished to its original purpose in 1891 and today has probably the best blue tilework in Multan. The mosque is around 1km north of Qasim Bagh Fort.

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