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Hotels In Mirpur Choose from variety of styles

Mirpur is located in Azad Kashmir, this city is the largest city of Azad Kashmir. The city has huge beautiful and modern structured buildings as huge investment has been spent on this city from expats. There are numerous restaurants, shopping malls, and hotels in Mirpur. The climate of Mirpur is quite pleasant that adds more value to the trip of the travelers....

  • 1. Ramkot Fort

    Ramkot Fort is situated alongside the Mangla dam. This place is considered to be must visit attraction as love the idea of taking a boat to get to this destination. When travelers visit this fort, they can easily get to Dadyal town and explore it, as it is 30 minutes walk. The Ramkot fortification is constructed over an old Hindu Temple; moreover this fort is surrounded by the River Jhelum.

  • 2. Mangla Fort

    Mangla Fort is situated on a hill. This is also a must visit attraction for the breath taking view, it is the most peaceful part of this city. Tourits love to visit this place and enjoy a cup of tea while watching the flow of water.

    Mirpur has numerous food courts and restaurants as well as food stalls. The recipes and dishes of Mirpuri are similar to Punjabi dishes along witht that in Chowk Shaheed, there is a huge shopping area that consists of stores, plazas, and local shops where traditional and cultural items are available. To accommodate tourists, there are several hotels in Mirpur as well as 3 star hotels in Mirpur. Ktown Rooms comes under the category of cheap hotels in Mirpur with standardized services.