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Hotels In Faisalabad Choose from variety of styles

Faisalabad is a beautiful city to visit and once there, there are various must visit attractions to visit while you are on a trip. One of the first and must visit attraction in Faisalabad is clock tower. The tower, built at the season of the British Raj; however it is still in its original development state. For the travelers who love architecture, Faisalabad is a magnificent place for that purpose.

Accordingly to a report of 2010, Faisalabad is well known for being a best place to establish your business. It is home to a several ventures like colleges, must visit attractions for tourists and amusement parks. Faisalabad is also popular for eminent production of cotton, wheat, sugarcane and fruits. Faisalabad is also famous for its affiliation with famous celebrities like, Arfa Karim,Rameez Raja and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan....

  • 1. Clock Tower

    The Faisalabad Clock Tower is called Ghanta Ghar - is an old building in the city. It was constructed in 1903 by the British, and has been well maintained making it a best and most beautiful, monuments in Faisalabad. The clock tower is a gigantic red block structure at the centre of local market of the town. From the highest point of the tower, you can see the beauty of the whole city – it is totally charming.

  • 2. Lyall Monument

    The Lyall Monument is situated in the Jinnah Garden in Faisalabad. The milestone was constructed in memory of Sir James Lyall, who established the city. It is a white structure building that looks like the church tower.

  • 3. Gatwala Wildlife Park

    The Gatwala Wildlife Park is a massive wildlife park located in the Gatwala town in Faisalabad. The must see attractions in the park are the green fields, rides for youngsters, canals, bamboo, forest, cafeteria and two lakes. These lakes are popular for being home to crocodiles and boating experience. Being a business center, huge numberof visitors and tourists in the area are businessmen searching for the best hotels in Faisalabad and fortunately Faisalabad has several hotels in Faisalabad. Ktown Rooms also offer hotels in Faisalabad, Ktown Rooms fills the gap between luxury hotels in Faisalabad like Garvaish Luxury inn and Hotel One Faisalabad and Local hotels in Faisalabad. It provides you with the best hotel options from the cheap hotel industry of Faisalabad. We take care of all your needs like air-conditioning, Wi-Fi, breakfast and can even find you a hotel near all the major attractions.