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As the main business hub of Pakistan, Karachi generates the maximum amount of revenue for Pakistan. The reason for the never-ending demand and supply of products and services is the vast population that resides in the city of lights.

The city’s shopping markets are huge and crowded throughout the day. Such passion for shopping can be found nowhere else in Pakistan. In fact, there is no such commodity that you can’t find in the markets of this grand metropolis.

For tourists, shopping in Karachi is a fascinating experience. So if you are planning to visit the city soon, your visit would be incomplete if you fail to visit the markets. In these markets, you will find the best apparels, jewelry, cosmetic products and the latest gadgets. If you are looking forward to visit a market but are having a hard time finding your way, then do not worry. Ktown Rooms presents a list of retail markets that you need to visit in order to make your stay in Karachi a memorable one.

Tariq Road

Tariq Road is by far one of the most popular markets not only in Karachi but all across Pakistan. The thing that makes it popular is the variety of products that you can find here. It is fair to call Tariq Road the most diverse market of Pakistan. Here, you will find the best garments, bridal dresses, jewelry, cosmetics and more. The most interesting part about this market is that it is technically not a market but a street.

Of all the things that this market has to offer, the most sought-after commodities are wedding and bridal dresses. During the wedding season in Karachi, this market can get extremely crowded. If you are looking for the ultimate shopping experience in Karachi then Tariq road is definitely the place for you.


Zainab Market

Situated in the busiest area of Karachi, Saddar, Zainab Market is one of the oldest markets in the city. It is known for the variety of eastern and western outfits, denim products, leather jackets, etc. that it offers for sale. Here, you will find quality products at affordable prices. This market in swarmed by Thousands of people throughout the week. Another side to this wonderful place is the street food that is budget-friendly yet extremely delicious.

You will also find fascinating antique pieces as well as handicrafts in several shops in Zainab Market. The objects and ornaments found in these shops are genuine and expensive. Zainab Market is also home to the Atrium Mall where you can shop or watch the latest movies playing at the cinema. There was a time when Zainab Market place used to be a popular shopping venue for the foreigners living in or visiting Karachi. So what are you waiting for? Such an amazing shopping experience cannot be found anywhere else.

Bolton Market

The list of markets in Karachi cannot be complete without Bolton Market. One of the oldest and most popular markets, Bolton Market is home to an array of wholesale businesses. The significance of this market can be understood by the fact that the products from this market are supplied throughout the country. Due to lack of parking facilities, this market is overly crowded. However, an online version of this market has been developed.

Unlike Zainab Market and Tariq Road, this market is not for clothes and apparels. Here, you will find the best watches, eyewear, shoes and bed and bath products. If you are looking for home accessories then this market is definitely for you. Just pay a visit and you will be fascinated.

Zamzama Commercial Market

Situated near the posh areas of Defense and Clifton, this market is frequently visited by the middle and upper economic groups. Therefore, the prices are a bit high at Zamzama.  Here, you will find the best brands, restaurants and fast food chains. The feel of the place is extravagant and glamorous; enough to satisfy your shopping needs.

Some of the most popular eateries at Zamzama are Pizza Hut, Subway, The Butler’s Chocolate Café and Vegas. If you want to experience the ultimate shopping extravaganza in Karachi then there is no place better in the entire city than Zamzama.

Hyderi Market

Situated in the famous North Nazimabad area of Karachi, this market was built during the 1980s. Since then it has expanded and is now known as one of the biggest markets in the city. Hyderi Market offers a variety of clothing options, footwear, toys, watches, kitchen utensils, towels, watches, curtains, pillows and more. The popularity of this market can be seen by the fact that it is always crowded. This place is home to three shopping malls. The most popular of the three is the Hyderi Dolmen, which is smaller than the Dolmen Mall at Tariq Road or Clifton.

Hyderi Market has many old shops and the shopkeepers are extremely customer oriented. This market is definitely worth a visit.

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