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Apart from being the primary business hub of Pakistan, Karachi is the city of intellectuals. The city of lights is the home of some of the most renowned poets, artists, and academics. Some of the city’s greatest artists include Gulgee and Sadequain.

Whether you’re an amateur or a professional artist, you will find wonderful art galleries in Karachi featuring the most fascinating pieces of art. These galleries are frequently visited by art lovers from all across the country.

With the art scene in Karachi starting to revive, many new galleries have sprung up in the city. If you are an art lover who is looking forward to visiting the art galleries in this city, then you have come to the right place. Ktown Rooms has put together a list of new and old galleries that are a major source of inspiration for youngsters who want to pursue art.

Chawkandi Art

Chawkandi Art is one of the best contemporary art galleries in Karachi. It was launched in the 1980s by art critic Marjorie Husain, who moved to Karachi from the UK. Being an art lover herself, she quickly became familiar with the local art scene. At the time, the art scene in Karachi was not as developed as it is now. Selling a painting was a daunting task for young artists with a flair for creativity.

As the financial situation of the country improved, so did the local art scene. With in-depth knowledge of South Asian art, Marjorie opened this gallery in the ‘80s, which soon became one of the best art galleries in Karachi.

VM Art

Situated in the famous Dhoraji area of Karachi, VM Art Gallery was established in 1987. Initially, it started off as a centre for women’s education and empowerment. It is a non-profit gallery with a mission to promote contemporary art in the city.

VM Art Gallery has collaborations with several cultural institutions throughout the world. It consists of more than 400 artworks, including painting, sculptures, ceramics, and more, from professional artists as well as fresh art graduates looking to gain experience. These art pieces have been accumulated from exhibitions that took place through the years.

Indus Valley Art Gallery

The Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture is a prominent art school in Karachi that offers degree programs in fine arts, liberal arts, textile design and architecture. Similar to any other art school, this school has its own gallery. The gallery is home to some of the most fascinating pieces of art, which have been made by its faculty members, students and alumni.

The gallery is run by Adeela Suleman, who is a seasoned artist and has produced some of the finest pieces of metal-based sculptures. Her pieces have been exhibited in several international exhibitions.

Art Chowk

Situated in the famous Clifton area of Karachi, this gallery was established in the year 2008. It did not start as an actual gallery, but it was an online exhibition and selling platform due to some location constraints. However, after gaining popularity, the curators decided to provide it a physical space. This gallery hosts amazing solo as well as collective art exhibitions, which are a source of attraction for contemporary art lovers residing in the city of lights. These exhibitions showcase artworks from Pakistani as well as other South Asian artists. The most recent exhibition that took place at this gallery was The Garden of Her Memories. This exhibition showcased the works of a popular Pakistani artist, Mr. Jamil Afridi.

Gandhara Art

A curatorial organization with offices in Hong Kong, Gandhara Art showcases stunning art pieces from local and international artists. This is the only art gallery in Karachi that has a regular gallery program.  The organization actively curates art shows and exhibitions in Pakistan and abroad. Some of their most famous collaborations were with the Hong Kong Arts Centre, Salsali Museum in Dubai and Modern Art Museum in the Netherlands.

Among the numerous artists whose work this gallery has featured, Imran Qureshi was selected as the artist of the year in 2013 by Deutsche Bank. This title was bestowed upon him due to the miniature series he did. Those miniatures were covered in red color depicting the growing violence in Karachi during those days.

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These were just a handful of fascinating art venues in Karachi. You will be amazed to see the multitude of art galleries that exist here. If you are an art lover who is new to Karachi, it is impossible for you to visit all of the above mentioned galleries in a day. You will definitely need a place where you can stay and rest.

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