6 Fantastic Places to Eat While You’re in Karachi Join Our Team!

Popularly known as the city of lights, Karachi is the ever-growing business and commercial hub of Pakistan. It is the largest and most populous city in the country. Needless to say, you will find people from all walks of life and different parts of the country making their way to Karachi for all kinds of reasons. Be it a business trip, a vacation, a wedding or a layover, when you are in the City of Lights; you absolutely cannot miss out on all the scrumptious desi food in Karachi.

When it comes to cuisine, Karachi has the most diverse restaurants that you will ever see. Hosting a range of mouth-watering international and local foods, there’s a countless number of restaurants in the city that you can choose from.

At Ktown Rooms, we thought of putting together a list of some of the best places to eat in Karachi while you’re in town. This list is particularly focused on desi food in Karachi.

So those looking to satiate their desires for some good quality desi cuisine, here are some of the best places they need to visit in Karachi:


1. Kababjees

Starting off the list of the best places to eat while you’re in Karachi is, of course, Kababjees. No visit to this city will be complete without getting a good helping of desi food at Kababjees. As the name suggests, they have plenty of kababs (and other assorted and delicious meat-eater options) to offer in all the different shapes and forms you can imagine as desi food.

There are several branches of Kababjees open throughout the city and Ktown Room suggests heading over to the Kababjees branch at Do Darya. This way, you will get to enjoy some amazing desi food in Karachi with a fantastic view sitting on a pier at the seaside.


2. Zahid Nihari

The second entry on the list of the best places to eat in Karachi is Zahid Nihari. Whether you’re looking for nihari, kunna nihari, haleem, tikka, kheer or any other purely traditional desi food in Karachi, Zahid Nihari is the place to go.

You will find this evergreen and classic restaurant at Tariq Road. The air conditioned halls for families and valet parking make life easier for those looking to enjoy the specialties of this restaurant located in one of the busiest marketplaces in the city.


3. Kolachi

For those looking to enjoy an excellent dining restaurant on the seaside pier, the third entry on the list of the best places to eat while you’re in Karachi is the Kolachi restaurant. Named after the historical name of the City of Lights, Kolachi offers a wide range of desi and international cuisine.

The multi-level pier, the seaside view and the delicious food make Kolachi a must-visit place in Karachi and it is one of Ktown Room’s top recommendations for people visiting the city. It’s pretty easy to find it at Do Darya. In fact, it was one of the first few restaurants to open up on the Do Darya strip.


4. Mirchili

All the heavy desi food can take a toll on your tummy. For the people looking to enjoy something light yet delicious, we at Ktown Room suggest heading on over to Mirchili. With different branches across the city, you can go for the most well-known one at C32 on E street.

Enjoy delicious chaat, dosa and a variety of other sweet and sour local delicacies, which have been made in the most hygienic conditions.


5. Gazebo

Another place to get some amazing chaat, sev puri, meethi puri and other light desi snacks made to perfection is Gazebo. While it might not be one of the most famous places to get some desi food in Karachi, it is one of the best.

Gazebo is a small outlet located at 2-C, Saba Avenue in DHA Phase 5. The peaceful, small eatery can cater to all your cravings for light desi food. The food is light, freshly made and not heavy on your wallet.


6. Lal Qila

One of the most well-known restaurants in Karachi, Lal Qila is the perfect place to go to for a dining experience like royalty. It makes its way on the list of the best places to eat while you’re in Karachi because it doesn’t just serve you great food; the overall experience at the restaurant is otherworldly.

Located at 10/A, M. A. C. H. S., Main Shahrah e Faisal Road, this restaurant is a true depiction of the Mughal era’s artistry. It is adorned with actual relics of the Mughal era dating back to the 17th century. Expect authentic Mughlai cuisine, traditional Pakistani cuisine along with live barbeque when you make your way to the Lal Qila restaurant in Karachi.


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