5 Reasons Why Everybody Should Visit Karachi Join Our Team!

Ah yes, Karachi; the largest city in Pakistan and the fifth largest city in the world has a lot more to offer than all the humidity and loadshedding that it’s infamous for. Being the city of lights, it has beaches, an insane amount of chai, and its authentic biryani is to die for. Visiting Karachi is one of the best things that you can do for yourself.

While it is a popular saying that “Jinne Lahore ni dekha, wo jimmiya hi nai” – people who have not seen the city of Lahore have not truly lived their lives –  we at Ktown Rooms believe that Karachi is the sleepless city that has much more to offer without making any empty promises. The city has so much to boast about, but it remains humble and hardworking as the economic and cultural backbone of the country.

This blog post is not a debate about Lahore vs. Karachi. Each of these cities has something unique to offer to visitors. Instead, we are going to take a look at some facts about Karachi to help you understand the reasons why you should visit Karachi at least once in your life. Of course, if you plan on visiting Karachi, you will definitely fall in love with it. You will also need a safe, comfortable and affordable accommodation for your stay in Karachi but we will get to that later.

Here are some of the reasons why you should visit Karachi.


1. Diversity in Architecture

Karachi – an ever-expanding metropolis – features a wide variety of architecture. The city’s architecture is where the old world and the new world meet and thrive together. At Ktown Rooms, we can think of so many places that you can explore that it’s almost impossible to count them all.

From the Mohatta Palace and Lal Qila exhibiting the Mughal-era architecture restored in all its glory, the colonial architecture exemplified at the Frere Hall to the high rise buildings in Clifton and the oldest buildings lining the streets of Saddar, architecture lovers will revel in the opportunity to bask in the glory of Karachi’s architecture. It is an undisputed fact about Karachi that it boasts one of the most amazing mixtures of old and modern architecture.


2. The Endless Bazaars

One of the most important reasons why you should visit Karachi is shopping. You might not think much of it right now but once you get here and see the endless and countless bazaars for literally everything, you will understand why visiting Karachi is one of the best things you can do.

If there is one thing people say very often in Karachi, it’s that “I’m going to the bazaar”. Karachiites themselves are some of the most avid shoppers in the country and for a good reason too. There is just so much that they can purchase in the bazaars without even causing much of a dent in their account balances; they would be crazy not to go crazy over the shopping experience in Karachi.


3. The Beaches

Another undeniable fact about Karachi is that the weather never gets too hot nor does it get too cold. The coastal climate does wonders for the temperature and the constant breeze is a blessing for visitors. The fact that there are so many beaches accessible to Karachi makes it one of the most important reasons why you should visit Karachi.

For those looking for a casual stroll on the beach, the Sea View beach is ideal. You can enjoy a freshly made corn-on-the-cob with a dash of chaat masala to spice things up and even catch a ride on a camel or a horse while you’re there enjoying the beautiful Karachi sunset.

If you are looking for a little beach picnic action, the huts at the French beach provide you the perfect option. Safe and clean, the beaches at French beach are so amazing that you won’t want to leave.


4. Theatre

Karachi and theatre go hand-in-hand. The recently revived media and entertainment industry in Pakistan has seen a lot of new talent rise throughout the country. The basis for all the new talent rising is theatre. There are several locations in Karachi where you can see some wonderful theatre plays take place.

The Karachi Arts Council is the premier destination for cultural development. It is also the best place to go to when you want to enjoy the up and coming talent of Pakistan’s entertainment industry in plays and performances from international artists touring Pakistan. Talking about it cannot describe the awe and brilliance that awaits you when you can experience the plays at the Karachi Arts Council.


5. Countless Options for Amazing Food

Of course, this list would not be complete without a mention of food. We know that another Pakistani city supposedly has a reputation for being the best culinary spot in the country, but the reality is far from it. You see, one of the facts about Karachi is that it is a city of millions. There are people from all backgrounds, creeds and cultures in our country living together in Karachi. They bring all that is best about them and contribute to this city.

This also translates to the culinary scene in Karachi. The city of lights has an insane amount of places where you can eat classic desi food like biryani, chaat, karhai, nihari and tikka. It is also a host to some of the most tantalizing international cuisines. The amount of delicious food you can get in Karachi is truly unbelievable.


Accommodation While You’re Here


To give you a bit of perspective, these are just five reasons why you should visit Karachi. There is just so much that this place has to offer. When you are visiting Karachi, it is obvious you will need a place to stay. Instead of spending all your money on those expensive hotels in Karachi or burdening your relatives by crashing at their place, why don’t you go for the third and better option?

Let Ktown Rooms help you with your accommodation needs while you’re visiting Karachi. All the Ktown Rooms hotels offer free WiFi, air conditioned rooms, free breakfast and an incredibly hospitable service.

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